The GROBBY Six Bricks Kit

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The GROBBY Six Bricks Kit

The Grobby Six Bricks Kit contains everything you need to implement a Six Bricks approach in your classroom.

There are hundreds of ways to apply the Six Bricks approach across your class and school.

The bricks and answer code rockets support using six bricks as part of your engagement and assessment approach across subjects, especially within mathematics.

Access to the free IWB software and ‘Teacher Guide’ support interactive teaching across mathematics and literacy.

The ‘Perceptual Skills’ book has a range of 70+ fun skill-building activities.

There are 100+ activities in the ‘idea Centre’ on

The Grobby storybook, the Grobby Character and the large A1 Grobby Poster introduce all to the fun playful approach to curriculum supported by Six Bricks. The kit includes:

• 30 x Sets of Bricks
• 30 x A4 Six Bricks Answer Code Rockets
• 1 x The Grobby Storybook
• 1 x Grobby Plush Toy
• 1 x Perceptual Skills Book
• 1 x Six Bricks Activity Mats Teacher Guide
• 1 x A1 Grobby Poster
• 1 x A3 Six Bricks Cut Outs

Begin your Six Bricks journey. Order your Grobby Six Bricks Kit today and discover a whole new fun & playful approach to curriculum at every age and stage.

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