Teaching mathematics with Six Bricks in senior infants

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Teaching Mathematics with Six Bricks in Senior Infants

Let Grobby Six Bricks help your students to meet curriculum mathematics standards with these 34 skill-building lessons and activities that are underpinned by a Six Bricks approach to teach mathematics effectively.

Teaching Mathematics with Six Bricks in Senior Infants is the second book in this series.

It contains a suite of easy step-by-step lessons and reproducible task sheets. The lessons build out number skills and concepts from 7 to 12, along with teaching aspects of shape, measurement and data handling.

Teaching mathematics well to all students requires a high level of understanding of pedagogy in mathematics and of mathematics itself.

This photocopiable book aims to support and enhance all teachers’ capacity to decide how best to help all of their students achieve the mathematics curriculum learning outcomes through a robust, playful, hands-on, manipulatives-driven approach to teaching mathematics, using sets of Six Bricks.

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Senior Infants Book Table of Contents


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