The Special Education Teacher (SET) Kit

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Six Bricks is a wonderful toolkit for Special Education TeacherS to use to help their students acquire, build, practice and strengthen a broad range of core learning skills.

Through fun and short activities with sets of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks in six bright colours, children can practise their memory, communication, collaboration, movement, creativity, problem solving skills, and so much more. Not to mention the reams of literacy and numeracy skills supported by a hands-on Six Bricks approach. All skills are detailed in the various manuals, included in the kit.

Six Bricks can be used for learning through play:

  • Individually or with a partner/groups
  • With a variety of ages
  • As an assessment tool

Six Bricks activities assists with:

  • Critical cognitive skills and caters for holistic development
  • Integrated activities designed to cover all learning areas and developmental skills
  • Development of executive functions of the brain - working memory; cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control: life-long learning skills

Six Bricks activities can be repeated in different ways, so children are never bored, even though they are repeating skills for consolidation and reinforcement:

  • Six Bricks activities can take 2-5 mins. They are short, sharp and engaging activities that wake up the brain, but they should be done every day
  • Children grow and develop at different rates - Six Bricks activities can be adapted to any child’s level
  • Six Bricks activities caters for different learning styles - visual; auditory; tactile learners

Acquire your SET Kit today and discover all the wonderful ways that a Six Bricks approach can contribute to the development of your students.


5 x Packs of 6 Bricks
1 x Grobby Six Bricks Story Book / 32 pages
1 x Six Bricks & Perceptual Skills Development Manual (44 Pages / 71 Activities)
1 x Six Bricks & Literacy Skills Development Manual (32 Pages / 42 Activities)
1 x Six Bricks & Numeracy Skills Development Manual (40 Pages / 61 Activities)
1 x Six Bricks & Physical, Social-Emotional Skills Development, Groups and Games activities Manual (52 Pages /77 Activities)
1 x Six Bricks Activity Mats Teacher Guide
1 x Book 1 for Crossing the B-Line Mat & Move, Jump and Follow Mat
1 x Book 2 for Crossing the B-Line Mat & Move, Jump and Follow Mat
3 x A4 SBAC Answer Rocket
1 x Six Bricks Cut Outs for Whiteboard
30 x Self-adhesive magnetic dots
3 X Activity Mats 3&4: Counting Objects 1 to 10 and Counting with bricks 1 to 10
3 X Activity Mats 5&6: Brick Addition 1 to 10 (2 and 3 sets)
3 X Activity Mats 7&8: Letter Sound Bricks and blending bricks 1
3 X Activity Mats 9&10: Blending Bricks 2 and 3
3 X Activity Mats 11&12: Blending Bricks 4 and 5
3 X Activity Mats 13&14: Blending Bricks 6 and 7
3 X Activity Mats 15&16: Tricky Word Bricks 1 and 2
3 X Activity Mats 17&18: Tricky Word Bricks 3 and 4
3 X Activity Mats 37&38: Crossing the B-Line / Move, Jump & Follow Mat

Check out the Interactive Software to accompany this Kit and be sure to read the accompanying 'Teacher Notes' at the top of the screen to discover all the ways you can use each activity mat. 

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