Six Bricks Spinners

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Six Bricks Spinners: Pack of 2

These Six Bricks Spinners measure 90mm x 90mm and there are 2 of them in a pack with photocopiable cutout overlays.

You can also create your own overlays e.g. you might want larger numbers. There are so many great ways to use these in mathematics e.g. a group of kids in reception / year 1 have the first 2 spinners showing.

Spin the first and it lands on 2 bricks. Spin the second and it lands on 6 bricks. Children take 2 bricks and six bricks and add them / click them together and recount to find they make 8 altogether, and record: 2+6=8 etc.

This is just 1 of 100 ways of using these spinners!

Quantity: Pack of 2

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