Six Bricks & Physical, Social-Emotional Skills Development, Groups and Games activities Manual

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This 52-page manual contains 77 playful activities that build & develop Physical, Social-Emotional skills.

All activities are fully described and illustrated in full colour.

Group & Game Activities Include:

Colour Collect
Brick Slide
Brick Fun
Pathway Game
Township Game
Ching Chong Cha
Dice and Stack
Up and Down
Pass on the Message
30 Seconds
No Hands
I Wrote a Letter to my Love
Flick and Catch
Domino Rattle
Game with Dice
Clear the Desks!
Knock 'Em Down
Catching Colours
Master Mind
Pattern Build
Blossoms on the Tree
Minute to Win it
Pyramid of Bricks
Stud Timing
Play Now
Decision Dice

Physical Skills Include:

Stuck on Red
Shark & Fishies
Under and Over
Hot Potato
Brick and Spoon
Cube Catches
Pass the Cube
Cube Crouch
Juggle Master
Action Attraction
Cube Copy
Follow the Leader
Cube Balance
Walk the Rope
Cube Obstacle Hunt
Crab Walk
Wheelbarrow Race
Survivor Challange
Innies & Outies
Balloon Bash
Hide and Go Seek
Chinny Chin Chin
Let's Twist Again

Social-Emotional Skills Include:

Express Your Feelings
Creepy Caterpillar
Cross the River
Stepping Stones
Build the Picture
The Garden Wall
Tower of Strength
A Good Friend
Tell Me
Colourful Creatures
What's the Secret?
Barter that Brick
Mood Indicator
What Can It Be?
Help the Hikers
Save the Egg!
Build a Box
Let's go Fishing
Seven-Legged Challange

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