Six Bricks & Perceptual Skills Development Manual

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This 44-page manual contains 71 playful activities that build & develop perceptual skills.

All activities are fully described and illustrated in full colour.

Activities include:

Can your Fingers 'See'?
Discover Six Bricks
Discover Six Bricks 2
Touch and Feel
Topple Tower
Tipsy Tower
5 Brick Draw
Tipsy Tower game for 2
Stack the rack
Odd One Out
Which One is the Same
Spot The Mistake
Spot the Mismatch
What's Missing?
Spot the Difference
Spot the Change
Model Build
Sequence Swop
Building a Tower
Positional Order
Tricky Tower
Copy my Pattern
Repeat Patterns
Pattern Cards
Pattern Sounds
Place that Brick
Colour Connect
Colour Snap
Two Brick Tricks
Memory Game
Sequence Colours
Brick Colours
Kim's Game
Flash One
Flash Two
Building Challange
Brain Gym
Marvellous Memory
Partner Play
Brain Break
Train your Brain
Build your Memory
Reverse Order
Snatch and Grab
Colour Sort
Rhythm Mania
Group Selection
Listen and Di
Cube Catches
Colour Action
See What We Can Do
Colour Circle
Colour Dance
Colour Match
Colour Count
Torso Twists
Traffic Lights
Brain Boost
Walk the Rope
Creepy Crawl
Pattern Perfect
Perfect Puzzle
Where is it?
Colour Sort
Tactile Built
Built it Up
Memory Challange
Build the Sound Pattern
Depth Perception

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