Six Bricks & Numeracy Skills Development Manual

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This 40-page manual contains 61 playful activities that build & develop numeracy skills.

All activities are fully described and illustrated in full colour.

Activities Include:

True or False
Colour Sort
Class Pattern
What is my Number?
Create a Cube
Hanging Around
Building Numbers
Number Cards
How Many Ways?
Vertical Patterning
Number Note
Building the Shape
Shape and Space
Position and Direction
How High & How Long
More Measurment
Perimeter and Area
Ordinal Numbers
Brick Mania
Bonds of Six
How Many Brick in the Box?
How Many?
Addition & Subtraction with Dice
2 x Tables
Bar Graph
Colour Capers
Count in Twos
Doubling and Halving
Doubling and Halving with Dice
Cover Up
Cover Up Two
Stud Number
Two Stud Trick
Problem Solving
Multiple Operations
Maths Operations Game
Guess the Number 1
Guess the Number 2
Groovy Grid
Feed the Hungry Crocodile
Showing Time
Tallest Tower
Snakes Alive!
Find that Position
Translation, Rotation and Reflection
Patterning 1
Patterning 2
Introducing Volume
Views From Different Directions and Angles
Grid Referencing
Skip Count
Freaky Fractions
Measure Up!

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