Six Bricks Answer Code A4 Mat

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The A4 Six Bricks Rocket (Activity Mat 44) is the key Six Bricks Answer Code item. The A3 mat is made of a strong & durable 350gm gloss-laminate card. One activity mat supports one-on-one teaching, a set of 5 or 6 supports group teaching, while a whole class set supports whole class teaching.

The Six Bricks Answer Code Rocket will be used by children to show their answers to a sequence of six problems or questions. Those questions can be drawn from any subject of the primary school curriculum. We have seen lots of numeracy and literacy examples. In Science, it could be used for example to sequence 6 stages in a particular food web, in Geography, to match six countries to six respective capital cities or to place six significant events in History with their dates of occurrence on the timeline.

We see a set of these Six Bricks Answer Code Rockets in every classroom, one for each child. Some teachers may even choose to attach them permanently to tables with clear tape.

Why? Because they will be used frequently each week within subjects to drive content engagement, processing, problem solving, assessment and answering by ALL, not just the interested few.

A class pack of 30 or 36 A4 answer rockets could also be stored on a shelf, together with sets of Six Bricks and given out for the activities where a teacher is going to make use of them as an answering approach and as a way to engage all children.

Accompanying FREE Software

Check out the relevant section of the Six Bricks Interactive Software at the links below and read the 'Teacher Notes' at the top of the screen to discover all the ways you can use this particular mat. 

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