Black Friday Offer - Six Bricks Kit + Training Course

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This special Black Friday kit is the absolute best and most affordable kit possible to enable schools to purchase materials and effectively roll out Six Bricks across the school. This is that kit.

The pack has everything including: A set of bricks for each pair of students, a set of manuals with hundreds of activities to guide teachers, magnetic cut-out-bricks for the drywipe marker board, 18 Crossing B-Line A3 Mats and the Grobby Six Bricks storybook to support a creative writing / write a book project.

There is of course free access to the Six Bricks interactive whiteboard software for all.

Not only all that, but we are also including a FREE enrolment onto the Six Bricks Online Training Course whereby you or a colleague can study the pedagogy, access a wealth of further ideas and become expert in everything Six Bricks as you implement it with your class.

This extensive ‘Black Friday Six Bricks Kit’ including storage box can be yours for just €199.00!

Avail of this special offer today.


This Six Bricks Special Offer Kit will cater for a class of 36 students working in pairs.

18 x Sets of 6 Bricks
18 x A3 Crossing the B-Line Mat Side A / Move, Jump & Follow Mat Side B
18 x A4 Answer Code Rockets
1 x Six Bricks & Perceptual Skills Development Manual  (44 Pages / 71 Activities)
1 x Six Bricks & Literacy Skills Development Manual (32 Pages / 42 Activities)
1 x Six Bricks & Numeracy Skills Development Manual (40 Pages / 61 Activities)
1 x Six Bricks & Physical, Social-Emotional Skills Development, Groups and Games activities Manual (52 Pages / 77 Activities)
1 x Teacher Guide (52 Pages / 44 Activities)
1 x Book 1 for Crossing the B-Line Mats (52 pages / 132 Activities)
1 x Book 2 for Crossing the B-Line Mats (64 pages / 165 Activities)
1 x Grobby Six Bricks Story Book - ‘Farmyard Adventure’
1 x Set of Six Bricks Cut-Outs for drywipe marker board
1 x Free enrolment on our 20-hour online training course
1 x 3M Roll of 12mm Magnetic Tape
1 x 30L storage box

+ Access to the Six Bricks Interactive Whiteboard Software for the whole school.

Buy Now! Only 100 kits are available at this price

NOTE: If your school wishes to order this kit on credit and pay later, simply choose the 'Bank Transfer' or 'Purchase Order' option from the payment page and we will dispatch the order with an invoice. Order now pay later.

Alternatively, if you just wish to just email us your order to stating your Name, School Address and Eircode, we will process everything for you and also dispatch your order with an invoice. 

Check out the Interactive Software to accompany this Kit and be sure to read the accompanying 'Teacher Notes' at the top of the screen to discover all the ways you can use each activity mat. 

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