The Complete Six Bricks Kit for Infants

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Teachers have been asking us for a Six Bricks Kit that integrates with the first two years of the primary school curriculum. We are now delighted to offer this multi-activity, resource-filled Six Bricks pack. 

If you are looking for enjoyable and challenging learning experiences, so that all the children in your infants' class can grow and develop as competent and confident learners, then this is it. Altogether there are more than 500 activities in the kit, which is delivered to you in a single durable box for easy storage.

This exciting bundle of resources contains everything you need to complete hundreds of activities from the manuals and no doubt it will also inspire you to innovate many of your own Six Bricks exercises and games.

From this pack, you can use both the Number Line to 10 and the 42 Letter Sound Code Mats on an almost daily basis, they will underpin work in mathematics and literacy. In addition, there are numerous other Six Bricks Activity Mat Activities to support the achievement of other learning outcomes in maths and literacy including: Counting, addition, measures, blending, tricky words etc. 

There are also several games that can be played and skills to be developed using the 6 sets of 48 cards that you can cut from the twin set Matching Pairs sheets.

Check out the individual products as listed in the shop for the full educational explanation for each.

All the manuals in this kit contain hundreds of illustrated, stepped-through activities that further build perceptual skills, mathematics and literacy skills etc., at the infant level and beyond.

This Kit includes:

16 x Sets of 6 Bricks
15 x A3 Activity Mats 3&4: Counting Objects & Bricks 1 to 10
15 x A3 Activity Mats 5&6: Brick Addition 1 to 10 (2 sets & 3 sets)
15 x A3 Activity Mats 7&8: Letter Sound Bricks & Blending Bricks 1
15 x A3 Activity Mats 15&16: Tricky Word Bricks 1 & 2
15 x A3 Activity Mats 17&18: Tricky Word Bricks 3 & 4
15 x A3 Activity Mats 1&2: Measuring Snakes & Brick Buildings
15 x A4 Answer Coding Rockets
15 x Crossing the B-Line Mat Side A / Move, Jump & Follow Mat Side B
15 Six Bricks number line mats
15x2 Six Bricks Pairs Games mats
1 x Six Bricks & Perceptual Skills Development Manual (44 Pages / 71 Activities)
1 x Six Bricks & Literacy Skills Development Manual (32 Pages / 42 Activities)
1 x Six Bricks & Numeracy Skills Development Manual (40 Pages / 61 Activities)
1 x Six Bricks & Physical, Social-Emotional Skills Development, Groups and Games activities Manual (52 Pages / 77 Activities)
1 x Teacher Guide for Activity Mats (52 Pages / 44 Activities)
1 x Book 1 for Crossing the B-Line Mats (52 pages / 132 Activities)
1 x Book 2 for Crossing the B-Line Mats (64 pages / 165 Activities)
1 x Grobby Six Bricks Story Book - ‘Farmyard Adventure’
1 x Set of Six Bricks Cut-Outs for the whiteboard
1 x 3m Roll of 12mm Magnetic Tape
1 x 30L Recycled Wham Clip Storage Box

The teacher also uses the FREE Interactive Whiteboard Software in conjunction with the children working the bricks & mats at their tables. Check out the FREE Six Bricks software and be sure to read the ‘Teacher Notes’ at the top of each interactive screen.

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